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About Us

Our services include Application Development, IT Infrastructure, IT Audit, Manpower Staffing,IT Consulting, Skill Development/Training with highest level of competency in our deliverables provided to our esteemed client’s at best possible costs keeping in view our long lasting professional relationships. It is our constant endeavor to provide services to our clients keeping in view utmost satisfaction at both employer & employee levels. Training and maintaining good, qualified employees is essential to your business and extremely hard to do. In an effort to enhance morale and productivity, limit job turnover, and help organizations increase performance and improve business results we offer training support to our clients. We have the capabilities to custom make a training program as per your needs. We have a panel of trainers who cater to a wide spectrum of areas like Technical, IT/Software/Hardware/ITES/BPO, Sales, Process, Soft skills, Communication skills, Product specific trainings.

We conduct corporate trainings to maximize the potential of an employee within an organization. Some might say that training consumes time and money both therefore, companies tend to spend the same amount of money and effort into generating more business rather than training. However, at the end of the day, a well trained corporate is much confident and has high capability workforce which would ultimately balance out the expenditure. At the employer level, an employee becomes more proficient and effective in their area of expertise. Higher efficiency of workforce would lead to greater competency in execution and take the company past its rivals. This would also attract more business potential towards more capable existent workforce. Thus, increase in business volumes along with greater capability to deliver.

At the employee level, it would be a boost to their curriculum vitae and an incentive to climb the ladder within their own organization. In this way, they would see the growth within the company and would like to work for longer there, reducing the attrition rates. It also helps the employees at all levels to improve their relations & build a rapport with their colleagues. The employees could be trained on new skills, technologies and processes as well based on the requirement of the company. Alongside, it would be an added advantage for employees undergoing corporate training workshops in new area to change their routine work and help motivate them to handle different roles in multiple projects. Therefore, Money & Time spent on an Effective Corporate Training program would be a sensible investment with long term benefits that it will bring for an employer & an employee.

Our staffing solutions are divided into Permanent, Temporary & Employee leasing as per client needs and specific to the job descriptions provided by the client. We cater to middle level to senior management head hunting for various industry segments like IT, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Automobile, Pharmaceutical etc. More details can be seen on our website staffing page. Our IT infrastructure solutions are driven by our technical staff of hardware and networking people who travel to all India locations for taking up various It infrastructure projects on a small and large scale both. More details can be seen on our website IT Infrastructure page. Our Consulting services include of website development/designing, software development & search engine marketing activities for company promotion using latest technologies. More details can be seen on our website consulting page.